Visit us at Euroshop 2017

Euroshop 2017. We will be there! From 5 to 9 March 2017. EuroShop, The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, will be held in Düsseldorf. It is the world’s leading trade fair for all investment needs of retailers and their partners. We will be presenting several novelties and improvements. We will be happy to see you around! Which innovations expand profit-yielding prospects? Is shopping becoming a high-tech interactive experience? Which technology do you require for Omnichannel? How can we use big data optimally? And what’s new in the world of retail security? Retail Technology Dimension. A dynamic innovation driver for the...

We have moved

DEXILON provides state of the art, well-engineered solutions to retailers' problems and requirements. Requirements evolve and change from one day to the next. We move fast from development to deployment to solve whatsoever new requirement, creating completely new state of the art products if necessary. We are manufacturers, we make things... and for more than 15 years, we are at the forefront of innovation in the EAS industry, being pioneers in the development of solutions such as Green Mode, Data Analysis and Internet connectivity, among others. But we make more than just reliable, durable, high quality products, we provide service...

Dexilon and the environment

Dexilon unique technologies are developed with the conservation of the environment as a very important requirement. Dexilon also applies conciliatory environmental measures in our production processes, as well as the use of recyclable packaging materials. We constantly strive to design reusable, recyclable and long-life products, improving energy efficiency (Green Mode) and limiting the use of hazardous substances. The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances. Dexilon complies 100% with this directive. Dexilon designs and manufactures only lead-free electronics (RoHS compliant). Dexilon supervises and empowers our suppliers to be also environmentally friendly. Beyond the care and respect within the...

15 years of DEXILON

From the beginning we have been offering a wide range of products and providing top service to our customers, Dexilon has grown steadily. Currently we are supplying products to more than 60 countries around the world, our production needs have sharply increased. so just a couple of months ago, we have made the move to our new 6 times bigger premises which include a big production area, electronic labs for our R&D, test labs, training room and new corporate showroom where all our product is shown. So, come on, what are you waiting for? We will be very happy to...

Integrated Metal Detection

Organized crime use new methods such as aluminium foil bags "booster bags" to avoid conventional EAS systems. We are proud to announce that integrated metal detector is now available in all our G10V AM EAS system range.

New BLADE antenna

The NEW BLADE system has been created with a thin and modern design. It discretely fits into door frames, walls, etc...

New AFURIS antenna

The NEW AFURIS system has been created with an open-frame modern design, and fits seamless into any boutique or store.

New FLUX Wireless People Counter!

New Dexilon FLUX wireless people counter is a state of the art, very easy to install, with a low impact on the shop, TCPIP centralized, battery based people counter. The system is very easy to install as there are no cables between the different units.

New OMNIA AM LOOP released!

Dexilon OMNIA LOOP is a concealed EAS system which is integrated into the wall or the door frame resulting actually invisible. The system full-fills the need of the retailers who do not want to create in the returning and fix customer the impact of anti-shoplifting antennas. In addition to the usual ways, the detection of the shoplifter can be also done through remote alarm or optional silent alarm resulting in a 100% discreet system. The system is fully digital and it automatically fits into any door size, no need of hardware adjustments.

New base adjustments

We have added new levellers, so antennas can be levelled in all kind of floors. This feature will be gradually included in all kind of systems (Solaris, Clear, Antares, Antares Plus, Plexi...)

New AM Contact Deactivator

The AM Contact Deactivator provides deactivation by touching the DR label to the pad. The pad is mounted directly to the counter top with double coated tape.

PartialIT new software version

The new PartialIT V.1.0.28 software version supports all features of the new system. The new PartialIT software provides real-time both modules (EAS and People Counter) by graphics or exporting the information into a file. The system stores information collected by the period of one year.

New product! New Extender antennas

Dexilon Extender Antennas are small RX antennas intended to be used in the place of complete RX antennas. If the need of some extra detection does not justify the use of complete RX antenna, Extender Antennas are the solution! They are cost effective alternative to a complete RX antenna. Its unobtrusive design and easiness of installation makes them fit into any wall, frame, etc...

New TCPIP module

We have just released our new TCPIP module for external installation. Server / Client access Modern look and handy design Wall installation housing

New product! New Solaris clear

The new SOLARIS CLEAR antennas are upon the most slim pedestals in the market. Its robust and modern design combines the strength of Solaris with the clearness and aesthetically superior look of acrylic materials. The system produces a strong discouraging effect on shoplifters. At the same, its panelled structure allows to easily slip advertisement panels right into the entrance of the shop, improving the capture of new customers and boosting your sales.

New product! New Silent Alarm

Dexilon Silent alarm allows silent transmission of all kinds of EAS system alarms (tag alarm, jammer, etc...) Security staff will receive all the information of alarm at the same moment it occurs. This way discreet procedures can be applied to the thieves in order no to disturb the rest of customers or create uncomfortable situations.

New product! New Dexilon SHIELD

Dexilon SHIELD allows the installer to reduce the backfield detection of the EAS system. This is useful to reduce the distance between antennas and tagged items, enabling the retailer to enjoy bigger space to place goods.

New installation in Brussels airport

Our Belgian dealer successfully installed more than 30 Plexi Plus antennas in Brussels airport Duty-free shops, proving the possibilities of GV10 electronics.

New product! TCPIP Module available!

We are aware that sometimes systems are located in places difficult or expensive to reach. Now, all Dexilon systems can be accessed trough our new TCPIP Internet Module, permitting to remotely support the system, reducing maintenance costs and allowing diagnosing and solving problems from the office.

Antares PLUS: New Colours Available Now!

We have just lunched some fantastic new colours for Antares PLUS Antennas! Now the Antares PLUS antennas are available in Polar White and Anthracite Black. Your customers will love them!