medio-ambienteWe are committed to the creation of a sustainable future. To accomplish this goal, our work philosophy includes environmental friendly practices which cover all aspects of our business: from our production processes and internal practices, through our products and the environmental awareness of our employees.

  • Dexilon unique technologies are developed with the conservation of the environment as a very important requirement. Dexilon also applies conciliatory environmental measures in our production processes, as well as the use of recyclable packaging materials.
  • We constantly strive to design reusable, recyclable and long-life products, improving energy efficiency (Green Mode) and limiting the use of hazardous substances.
  • The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances. Dexilon complies 100% with this directive. Dexilon designs and manufactures only lead-free electronics (RoHS compliant).
  • Dexilon supervises and empowers our suppliers to be also environmentally friendly.
  • Beyond the care and respect within the company and its activities on the environment, Dexilon supports various initiatives to protect the natural environment and local wildlife reintroduction in protected areas, as the project “life Emys” to reintroduce the European pond turtle