Remotely connect to the systems

Dexilon TCP-IP Module allows to remotely connect to the systems.

It is a perfect tool not only for the installer but also for the retailer. It will reduce many of the sometimes unnecessary technical visits, permitting to control all the functions of the systems. Easily service the farthest installations without having to travel hundreds of kilometres.

Retailers can easily connect to the system and check all the data stored in the people counter through free software PartialIT. Combined with Dexilon TotalIT software becomes a powerful tool to manage many business situations and will have the power to make fast and sound decisions from the office with the confidence of knowing what is exactly happening in the stores.

Thanks to Dexilon systems’ connectivity, only one TCP/IP module is needed in order to access the systems which are connected forming a group. It is a small investment which will automatically pay for itself in the first technical visit which is saved.