Integrated detacher detection

ACC-MAG is a magnet detector, an accessory which is integrated into Dexilon G10V AM EAS Systems in order to detect detachers which can be taken by shoplifters into the store. Detacher detection is done through dedicated piece of hardware. Detection is performed to both sides of the antenna.

Integrated MFD

ACC-MET is a so called Metal Foil Detector “MFD”, an accessory which is integrated into Dexilon G10V AM EAS Systems in order to detect metal foiled bags or “booster bags”. These bags are covered internally by several layers of Aluminium foil and can be used by shoplifters to be filled with tagged goods. Tag signal will be blocked by the booster bag not reaching EAS system.

TotalIT compatible

DATABASE SERVER Server is using PostgreSQL Server as a project database back-end server. This server is used to store data from 58kHz Systems (alarms, jammer alarms, power times) as well as data from People Counter (ins, outs) integrated with Stores Information and data (financial, employees, promotions). TCP-IP Modules connected to 58kHz Systems send all this data encrypted once per day at configurable hour time to the database server. This database is located on a Client computer. CLIENT SOFTWARE Client is the application software that connects to database server and represents graphically all the information from 58kHz Systems and People Counter.

Extended connectivity

Dexilon designs electronics so they are easy to install and can adapt to every installation needs. All the connections between Dexilon systems are performed with telephone cable. This way, special length cables can be easily crimped at the field, without decrease of performance of the system. Systems are designed to adapt to installer needs. All transmitters can be configured as Receivers too, they can be extended with passive RX antennas, also improving installation cost. Multiple antennas can be connected to the same power supply so from the same power source, all the installation can be powered.

Tuning software protected by passwords

All Dexilon system and software are protected with several levels of passwords and protections. Only authorized people can gain access to the system.

Remote maintenance (TCPIP modules)

We are aware that sometimes systems are located in places difficult or expensive to reach. All Dexilon systems can be accessed by different means: Internet Module, Telephone line, GSM MODEM, etc. This range of possibilities permit to adapt to your customer existing connections (Telephone line, ADSL, etc...) to be able to remotely support the system, reducing maintenance costs and allowing diagnosing and solving problems from the office.

Highly customizable

All the external features in our systems can be customized: Alarm light colour, colour, etc. It is also possible to engrave your customer logo in every antenna. The use and change of advertisement panels is quick and easy.

Programmable light and sound sequences

The alarm sequences for light and sound are fully programmable. This way, different sounds can be generated for different aisles, leading to immediate identification the aisle where the alarm came from. The alarm light can be programmed to last longer than the sound alarm, keeping the position where the alarm happened. These features are very useful in medium to big installations.

Aisle identification light

In an installation with many antennas, the alarm light will be displayed only by the antennas that mark the aisle where the alarm has happened.

Relay output

Dexilon system is able to trigger any device connected to it. The relay is time programmable. This for example permits to take a picture on every alarm, to close automatic doors, etc...

Green Mode

Dexilon systems can be programmed to automatically be turned off every day during any period. This way energy is saved during this period.

In / Out alarm

IN/OUT alarm is triggered when a new visitor is coming into the store. The staff is immediately notified. A very useful feature for smaller shops. Each time a customer comes in or goes out from the shop, the system will generate a specific sound. This allows to provide the best service to the customer. It is not necessary to be aware of people coming in because Dexilon EAS will do the job. It provides further protection from shoplifting, immediately locating any presence.

System status

Several signals advise of correct system operation. The correct operation of the system can be easily checked by checking its "keep alive" LED technology advise. If the system is working correctly, the "keep alive" light will be flashing constantly. On the other hand, if the system has any internal failure, special sound alarms will communicate it immediately, improving customer satisfaction.

Silent alarm (Android alarm APP)

Dexilon systems have the possibility to be equipped with silent alarm. This feature allows silent transmission of all kinds of alarms available in the system. Security staff will receive all the information of alarm at the same moment it occurs. The info available is: Description of door, kind of alarm (tag alarm, jammer alarm, near label alarm, etc.) This way discreet procedures can be applied to the thieves in order no to disturb the rest of customers or create uncomfortable situations.

Near tag alarm

This feature in Dexilon systems detects stationary tags inside the detection area. The near tag alarm generates a different alarm. This way unnecessary service calls are reduced.

Jammer alarm

Jammers are illegal devices which emit electrical noise and disable EAS systems. Dexilon systems are equipped with Jammer alarm which allows staff to identify if professional shoplifters are attempting to disable the EAS system.

Double beam (IN/OUT) people counter

Experts agree that accurately counting retail traffic or visitor traffic with electronic people counters, is the only way marketing professionals can make sound strategic decisions. With this in mind Dexilon has developed an integrated people counter that will help any size company position themselves well in today's highly competitive market. With our integrated people counter, in combination with our or , any business or organization can easily evaluate staffing needs, staff performance, conversion ratios, marketing campaigns, floor plans, product displays and more. With all this data you can be confident that your decisions are based on facts not guesswork.

Advanced anti noise algorithms

Electrical noise coming from electrical items such as screens, switching power supplies, light bulbs, etc... can be fought with our wide range of anti-noise options. Thanks to Dexilon wide experience in AM technology, with thousands of installations in over 60 countries around the world, Dexilon proven technology has evolved and achieved the maximum detection ranges in the market. Dexilon systems can detect a ferrite tag up to 3.2 meters, a Supertag/DR up to 2 meters. Thanks to Dexilon new advanced anti noise algorithms, these distances can be maintained even with medium quantities of electrical noise.

Advertisement panel insertion

The use and change of advertisement panels is quick and easy. You can generate advertising activities and assess how to make your marketing communications more effective. Find out what types of promotions work correctly. Available in following models: Solaris Solaris Clear Optical Optical Clear Optical Narrow Optical Clear Narrow Cinema Cinema Clear