Small RX antennas

Dexilon Extender Antennas are small RX antennas intended to be used in the place of complete RX antennas. If the need of some extra detection does not justify the use of complete RX antenna, Extender Antennas should be used. They...


The NEW GROUND system has been created to discretely improve the detection in wider passages. It is typically buried into the entrance floor. It is possible to combine vertical "Standard" antennas and GROUND antennas to create a customized detection area....

Magnet Detection

Upgrading the system with integrated magnet/detacher detection feature, it is also possible to detect any person coming into the store with commercial detachers or strong magnets used to remove tags from goods inside the shop. Integrated configuration decreases the installation...

Metal detection

Upgrading the system with integrated metal detection feature, it is also possible to detect any person coming into the store with metal foil bags used to remove goods from the shop. Integrated configuration decreases the installation space, therefore increasing the...


Dexilon systems have the possibility to be equipped with silent alarm. This feature allows silent transmission of all kinds of alarms available in the system. Security staff will receive all the information of alarm at the same moment it occurs....

Dexilon Protectors.

This product allows the retailer to lengthen the life of the Dexilon EAS system, protecting it from unintentional hits from trolleys or other devices.

Dexilon Shields EAS system

Dexilon Shields have the possibility to be combined with Dexilon systems. This product allows the installer to reduce the backfield detection of the EAS system. This is useful to reduce the distance between antennas and tagged items, enabling the retailer...

Remotely connect to the systems

Dexilon TCP-IP Module allows to remotely connect to the systems. It is a perfect tool not only for the installer but also for the retailer. It will reduce many of the sometimes unnecessary technical visits, permitting to control all the...

Database Server Server is using PostgreSQL Server as a project database back-end server. This server is used to store data from 58kHz Systems (alarms, jammer alarms, power times) as well as data from People Counter (ins, outs) integrated with Stores...

Relay Central

RELAY CENTRAL is a connection centralizer. It is capable of driving the several alarms generated in the systems and ring up to 3 con gurable relays. Connection to the systems (remote or direct) can be also done throughout this device....


The CINEMA are taller systems which provide more detection range in its vertical axis than their smaller brother, the SOLARIS, maintaining its slim-robust design.

They are optimally installed in conditions where detection in height is very important such as opticians, 3D-cinemas, and others…
At the same time allows to easily slip advertisement panels right into the entrance of the shop, improving the capture of new customers and boosting your sales.

The system includes several advanced features such as:

  • Jammer alarm, to detect even the most professional thieves.
  • Near tag alarm, to detect tagged items inconveniently placed too close of the system.
  • Green mode to save energy out of working hours.

Easily upgrade the system with:

  • Double beam (IN/OUT) people counter*, to follow the evolution of traffic, alarms, etc…
  • Foil bag detecion, to discreetly detect professional shoplifter carrying metal boosted bags.
  • Detacher detection to disable attempts to take detacher into your shop.
  • Internet access, to reduce service costs.
  • Silent alarm through pagers to discretely communicate alarms to security staff.


*180 cm high

Easily upgrade the system with

Available Not available Optional