Easy to install, low impact, TCPIP centralized, battery based.

Dexilon FLUX wireless people counter is a state of the art, very easy to install, with a low impact on the shop, TCPIP centralized, battery based people counter.

The data can be read directly from the LCD display, however the people counter automatically sends a report everyday by email, so it is also available on your computer through simple reports. The system is very easy to install as there are no cables between the different units.

Daily all the data from different stores is automatically sent by email through the TCPIP Controllers to a central location, where it is ready for the manager to check through our simple, easy and intuitive software. Easily locate stores out of the trends, plan opening hours, plan store stuff needs, calculate and compare conversion rates (in combination with store data), etc.

Export data to any standard format: txt, xls, and others under demand.