Tuning Dexilon is used by the installer to configure the system parameters (Antennas, Loop, Deactivator, etc…) and also for alarms and People Counter management.


Tuning Dexilon also provides real-time information from both modules (EAS and People Counter) in order to analyse performance levels.

EAS Tuning Options:

  • Autosynchronization.
  • Alarm Triggers: Gain and Threshold Levels, Noise Algorithms, Resonance.
  • Alarm Options: Configure Beep and Light options for the different types of alarms.
  •  System: Real Time Clock, Green Mode.

People Counter Tuning Options:

  • Configure and tune corridors in order to collect and obtain the store traffic.
  • Sound Options: Configure the sound type for ins and outs.

Real-Time Information:

  • Get the information obtained from the stores and analyze collected data which can be represent it graphically.
Available Not available Optional